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Life is changing..Optiks just moved from Ozone to NY last week.I am officially an A student at UCF (though it took 5 years). .Still working on the new album and the ruff cuts have come out ridiculous..J Biz, Redd Simpkins, and Myself have been working on a side project as well..Rocked a crazy show at the Social 2 weeks ago ..and I am the new host of Hip Hop Wednesdays @ Tatame and Wow the Crowd on Tuesdays at The Social..I know my posts have been boring but I've just been mad busy...PEACE FUCKERS

That New New

I know its been crazy long since my last post (about 4 months DAMNN!!) but working, music, now school, new crib, and life can hold you up sometimes..Started recording ruff tracks for the new album, got some new classics down with Hakim Tafari(who just had his baby girl..Congrats brotha), and still doing steady shows (check me at the Social with a very ill line-up July 19th..Ill be in Little Rock for a friends wedding this weekend but after that expect way more updates music and pictures...PEACE

Okay so it’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything new up…my life has been quite crazy and exciting as of lately but it has mostly been in my personal life so I can’t share that shit…sorry. Here is a quick update before I start my shit talking for the day. Lounge Battles was dope, I’m no longer sick (physically), I’m still broke (what’s new?), My release party is April 10th at BackBooth (BITCHES!!!), and I’m still the illest entertainer ever to walk this planet. So now that that is out of the way. I pay a lot of attention to my surroundings and I’m in the process of developing a Fuck You-You Suck-I Don’t Understand- I Hope You Die list.

So here is a rough draft of how it is going. Fuck You-You Suck-I Don’t Understand- I Hope You Die LIST ( in no particular order)

1. The Weather- make up your fucking mind dickhead Hot, Cold, Rainy, windy, what the fuck? This shit is crazy. This year we had tornados, hurricanes, record breaking heat and cold, I bet homeless people are confused as hell and have no clue as to what month or season we are in. FUCK!!!

2. Brittany Spears- This smut has to have stock in tabloid papers and It’s just like the one kid in elementary school that always acted foolish, and what did your teacher say? “Don’t pay them any attention and they will stop acting like an idiot” stop feeding the fucking fire. I never thought I would say this but I actually feel bad for Kevin Federline. And I know it’s fucked up to wish someone was paraplegic but just think of how entertaining that would be. “ Look yall I’m in a wheelchair”

3. Dating shows- Fuck em. Here is a new pitch for the next one Mtv picks up it’s called “Who wants to fuck a random celebrity?”: Average weirdoes will compete to fuck random celebrities that range from Nick Cage to Jared from the Subway diet commercials, but they don’t know who they get to screw till after they win. Now that would be a mind-fuck that everyone would watch for sure.

4. Any rapper/MC/Urban artist- Saying anything along the lines of “I am Hip Hop” “This is my Year” or “I run (insert random cities name)” . Listen fuck face if you were Hip Hop you wouldn’t have to say it, If this was your year we would already know, and If you ran anything other than your mouth I would respect you...and I don’t. So go kick rocks you suck at life

5. J Dilla Dick Riders- Now I know I’m gonna get shit for this but fuck it. Dude was hands down one of the most talented/influential producers of our time, and I know this, and at this point I think my grandmother knows this and she listens to AM radio. Sometimes you have to just let people die and remember them once a year (preferably on there birthday not deathday) But sadly this man has become the Che Guevara of Hip Hop, and I wont be surprised if by next February you can get a Dilla shirt in Target or Walmart. I Don’t Understand.

There is more but I will let this marinate for a bit before my next rant..PEACE

Yo waddup world? It took a little longer than expected to get this next blog out due to the monster flu and other venoms running through my body at the moment but we will talk about that later. This past week has been crazy hectic, the flyers for my release party and night at BackBooth got delivered with the wrong fucking date on one end (the dates are April 10th KaP release party & April 24th ICE COLD BRRRSDAYS with J Biz and Locksmiff Ent.) on a more positive tip my album got in Wednesday and it looks real dope so I’m happy about that (except for the fact that I have mad albums to sell now before we recoup.)

So the build up to the sickness goes like this:
When I got back from my expedition in Tallahassee I was feeling like shit so I called out of work, but when I told my boss that I wouldn’t make it into work all I got was this Napoleon Dynamite type sigh from him on the other end of the phone. Honestly I’m usually a self-centered asshole but I felt bad for my boss cause dude works like an 80 hour week and we are mad understaffed, So I decided to go into work…..BIG FUCKING MISTAKE

#1. The next day I had off but I had a show on Rollins College campus with our good friend DJ Y-Not (who that day got introduced to the wonderful world that is Queso Chimichangas from Tijuana Flats..Why the fuck do all my food stories involve Y-Not?) The Rollins show sucked but the event was fun Me, Swam, and AmIaM were bugging out (hence Am’s Fruit Picture but it’s a funny ass picture my dude…Sorry) After the show I was supposed to go to the Social downtown and promote but I passed out comatose style and decided to not call out of work again BIG FUCKING MISTAKE

#2..Next day I was rocking a show with my brother Redd Simpkins at Tatame show was dope my weakness continues through no sleep and overexertion.. and now BIG FUCKING MISTAKE

#3 which was the show on UCF campus the day after Tatame (Judgement Day) ..Now I love UCF I’m actually about to go back to school there but I forgot that a large college campus is like a germ ridden cesspool in flu season …I was fucked.

So I wake up Friday morning and this flu shit is in full effect ,hacking up green and orange snot and every time I was coughing the shit felt like the top of my skull was gonna blow off like the cartoon on those old mega warhead candies. I tried to man it up but on Sunday I went to the walk-in clinic and this doctor broke it down for me man. This cat looks in my ear and says “ear infection, looks in my mouth and says “Throat infection”, then listens to me breath and say “Bronchitis too”. On top of all that I still had the flu which I guess made me get all these other problems. So long story short they hooked me up to a breathing machine that pumped steroids in my lungs, shot me with three shots ( one in the arm and one in each ass cheek = not cool and hella embarrassing cause the nurse was fly) and I got seven..Yes I said seven prescriptions that I’m on as we speak.

And that should bring yall up to date for now. This weekend is Lounge Battles Six, and hopefully I will be well enough to perform and judge that shit..HACK..HACK..COUGH..COUGH…FUCK OFF I’M SICK

Sorry Am I just find this pic to funny not to share..please don't take it personal....PEACE

What up world? I'm back from my weekend in Tallahassee and I have to say that shit was amazing, people definitely know how to party and actually support good Hip Hop out there (which is nice for a change) I Hit the road on Friday with Redd Simpkins and DJ Y-Not who recently broke his foot on a scooter/motorcycle (We don't know the exact story of how he broke it though). The ride wasn't to bad.

I don't think we were in Tally for more than five minutes till we started drinking which I usually don't do before shows but fuck it , it was a celebration. After a few beers we headed out to the venue (don't drink and drive kids) and met up with Maniac Magee, whose Birthday celebration was the reason we all came up there in the first place. From there on the
drinking continued and we got to experience some local acts, Peace to Crossbreed who ripped it.Simpkins and myself definitely did our thing as well and after rocking we actually got invited back for another show in April that will now be my Tallahassee release party. and this is when things started to get a little more interesting.

After the show and a lot more beer it's safe to say Y-Not was pretty fucked up, and this comically crippled son-of-a-bitch needed some grub and for some reason his only request was "Waffle House" . So Me, Y-Not ,and Magees intern Brittany (cool chick by the way) took my one-legged DJ friend to the wonderful yet sometimes depressing "Waffle House". And after all the fuss about "Waffle House" being a must, we step inside the restaurant and Y-Not says " I've never been Here what should I get?" Unbelievable,So I suggested a waffle and loaded hash browns but this man swears that one waffle is not enough and that he needs a stack of four. Long story short I convinced him to cut his order in half but he still only conquered a waffle and
a few bites of hash browns. After that we crashed out at Magees house for the night.

The next day Maniac Magee was still passed out from partying so me and Y-Not went by a PUBLIX to grab some subs and again some bullshit popped off. Y-Not orders a chicken tender sub and the dude behind the counter makes the most perfect hooked-up sub I have ever seen, so at this point I'm mad excited to order the same thing but right as I step to the counter
to order my sandwich this dude is like " my bad I have to go on break ,but Shereese will make your sub though" well more or less this bitch was the worst sub artist in the history of sandwich making, I'm talking about giving me a skimpy portion of the old dry chicken, cutting the bread all crooked and shit with lettuce just falling all over the place. FUCK YOU Shereese I
was pretty pissed and Y -Not sure found that hilarious. The rest of the day consisted of more drinking and a big ass BBQ at Magee's crib, which gave me the monster "ITIS" so I passed out on the floor for about four hours before our show at Paradigm that night.

When we got to Paradigm the vibe was real ill, lots of good music and beautiful women. And Speaking of beautiful women I met two great chicks (Pictured above) who I'm pretty sure feel in love with ya boy instantly. I downed a few Crown-n-Cokes and me and Simpkins shut that shit down with a live ass performance. and man do those cats in Tally support when you rock a great show, everyone wants to get to know you and tell you how much they appreciate your stuff( which reminds me why I do this music shit) After that Y-Not dropped nothing but classics and got the party vibe rolling for the rest of the night, every one was in a good mood except for one of the clubs owners who got pretty pissed about me following a girl into the Ladies bathroom ((why the fuck not?).

After the club we all went back to a dope little after party at Magees house where some dudes girl walked in on me taking a piss ( what goes around comes around I guess) I told her "this show don't start til three" and she got pretty embarrassed. Shortly after I passed out ,but heard that Y-Not slept in the garage because he couldn't make it up the stairs (mad funny). All in all this was a seriously good weekend and I can't wait to go back to Tally in April to build and party with these people again..til next time...PEACE

Y-NOT: "We made our mark or Tally dude"

KaP: " Yea, A skid mark"

What up world? Well considering this is the first blog up I might as well bring yall up to speed on where I’ve been over the past few months…Right before the New Year started I decided to leave the group “Caveman Theory” and see how far I can take this solo thing...if you got questions about why come see me in person and I’ll break it down for you. I’d have to say being solo is going quite well. I picked up new management (peace to Sean K) and have been churning out some fucking great material. Right now I have my first solo effort Over.Rap.Music. coming out in April (release party at Backbooth April 10th) then a dope little EP with German producer demo, a collaboration album with Nonsense Records Hakim Tafari and producer Optiks, and I’m working on my major release I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut, which will be done by the end of this year..All the music bullshit aside life has been fucking crazy, I’m broke , I work a shitty night shift job at IKEA, and I’m pretty sure most of the people I know secretly don’t like me for one reason or another, and that’s just fine because I personally don’t like anyone as of lately. So outside of my day to day bullshit this blog will be dedicated to the large amount of hating and ridiculousness that goes on in my life. I hope you all enjoy. Until next time..PEACE

PS: I’ll be in Tally for Maniac Magees BDAY show so Im sure I’ll Have some stories to share

Do not let the title fool you. There is a great deal of talent here in Orlando. The problem is, well, Kap is the problem. Following the release of his solo EP in 2006, The 2-Way Mirror, Kap spent the last 2 years in the emerging Orlando hip-hop ensemble, Caveman Theory. After the release of the widely accepted and CMJ chart topping release "The Stone Quartet", Kap is poised to make a run in the hip-hop game. Armed with a new team and new state of mind, Kap is ready to release his latest effort, "Over Rap Music" in early March at the world famous Madd Illz led Lounge Battles in Orlando, FL.

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